This part is divided into 2 different sections; here you have to be able to understand and complete some conversations or dialogues related to our daily life.This first part, that I called 3a, you are going to find five questions with 3 possible answers each one.

My advice to do it successfully is that you have to pay special attention to the questions and analyze them.
Look at the first one:
Here you can see the kind of question that you have, and if the answer is not easy to find, take these things into account:
- Look for the verb and think about the tense it is in.

- Once you know the tense, look at the three possible answers and try to cross out the one or ones that don’t follow the structure.

And here you have an easier way to eliminate answers.

Don’t leave any gap without an answer.

Practice this part clicking on these images: 


3b, in this part you are going to find an incomplete dialogue that you have to fill using different sentences that are given.
Go slowly and try to understand what the sentences are saying, and connect all of them in order to have a meaningful dialogue.


Before looking for the most appropriate sentence to complete each gap, try to imagine the sentence that follows the previous one and then, compare your answer with the options. That comparison can help you with your exercise.

Don’t leave any gap without an answer.

Practice this part clicking on these images: Reading and Writing part 3 test 1                                               

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